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13 years ago, Tammy fell in love with the sport of Motorcycle Riding.  Little did she know at the time that what started as an interest has grown to a passion.  Better yet, she has found her posse of riders who continue to spread the joy of friendship & wind-therapy.

What defines a Motorcycle Friendly Hotel & is it worth the effort for a Hotel chain to accommodate the Motorcycle Rider?  Canalta said YES!  Their dedication?  To provide guests with the best possible travel experience...operating in an industry built on trust and satisfaction. 

He beats the drum for something that does not belong in our society, abuse.  Sparked by his Cousin's murder in 2012, Jon Graham began a crusade of sorts to not only share his story but to bring awareness.  PS  They're accepting new Motorcycle Riders every day:

For those in the Motorcycle Community, supporting those in need is not just a credo, but more of a belief.  Community members within the City of Airdrie, Alberta are stepping up to help one of their own.  Dawn Warden is that story.  Her friend of 30 years, Nadene explains.

So sitting around a campfire can provide the relaxed state we all need to come up with brilliant ideas.  For Angela Murray, that's kind of sort of how her new company idea emerged.  Hear her story and the story of what she plans to do with her new company:  Western Canada Motorcycle Tours

So would you sell all your things?  Quit your job? And throw caution to the wind for an Adventure of a Lifetime?  For Elle, the answer is YES! Leaving Calgary, Alberta August 15th on her BMW she's devoted a year and a half to make this work.  Wait till you meet this free spirit...

The CEO Ride is all about building a pack of like-minded leaders with a passion for business & motorcycles. His mantra?  I'd rather ride my motorcycle, thinking about business than sit in an office thinking about my motorcycle.  If this strikes a chord with you...have a listen.

Since the age of 22, Jason has had the vision to create something of his own in an area with not much to see.  Fast forward to 2019 and the town of Moosleigh, Alberta is home to Aspen Crossing...a must see for any traveler!

Faced with circumstances Brandi never thought would ever happen, she turned to her community for help and on August 24th her dream is becoming a reality.  Hear Brandi's story and her efforts to bring attention to Youth Mental Health.

Funny who you bump into when least expected.  That was my experience with Julian.  We know each other thru the Radio-Circles and were reunited at a Motorcycle Event.  Asked him to come on the program and he agreed!  Great guy!  Great Conversation!

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