Phoenix In Canada Podcast

Discovering those who enhance your Motorcycle Experiences

Trained Firefighter & Motorcyclist, Adam Calver had an epiphany while riding.  On a trip with a few of his buddies they encountered multiple Motorcycle accidents over the course of 5 days.  He explains the situations & where he's taken his idea to benefit others.

Since 2003, Belt Drive Betty has been synonymous with servicing the Motorcycle Community.  Her story is fascinating and her DRIVE is to be commended.

Now in its 3rd year running, the Medicine Hat, Alberta Poker Stumble is ready to go!

One of the founding members of this group is Ron (Crash).

He loves to ride!  He loves the people that ride!  He loves giving back

The event is February 16, 2019.

Liane Langlois is the President of the Alberta Motorcycle Safety Society:

The objective of this not-for-profit is to provide Awareness & Education:  "We all just want to enjoy riding and make it home to the people who we love and love us"


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